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Training introduction

A number of courses have been developed in accordance with the requirements of clients. Courses are constructed in close consultation with the client to ensure that it addresses his unique requirements. Planning sessions prior to training courses ensures that this aspect is catered for. Training manuals are made available to participants during training that ensures valuable reference material. Participants are also encouraged to make use of our professional services after attending courses. In-house courses are provided to ensure the minimum disruption of training attendants. Courses focusing on groups within the same environment are recommended and corporate tariffs are available in this regard. The number of participants per course is limited to ensure individual attention and results.

Investigative interviewing can provide more than 85% of the information required to conduct a successful investigation. By focusing on the interview as the main source of information during investigations, the time and effort spent on an investigation is limited. Direct contact with witnesses and suspects assist the investigator to avoid unnecessary misconceptions concerning the case data and the people involved. The human dignity of witnesses and suspects are protected - making the technique acceptable to worker organisations.

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