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Forensic Interviewing Course


The Forensic Interviewing Course is a 5-day course which provides an understanding of the problems that are encountered when conducting interviews during investigations. It provides the most essential tools to handle problem situations that will arrive in these situations. The interviewing techniques that are acquired during this course can also be applied to other situations where optimum results are required from interviews.

Who should attend?

Those people that will benefit from this course are officials and professionals involved in:

  • Security and civil investigators
  • Competitive intelligence professionals
  • Private investigations
  • Recruitment & Vetting officers
  • Insurance and financial personnel
  • Forensic auditors & forensic investigators


After completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Determine the credibility of verbal statements
  • Conduct an investigative interview on a structured basis
  • Understand how and why people lie
  • Use the interview as an effective tool to collect information during an investigation
  • Profile interviewees
  • Debrief traumatised witnesses
  • Apply advanced interviewing techniques
  • Manage an approach to handle confessions


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