Investigations focus on the corporate environment and makes provision for the unique requirements of the client to provide him with the competitive edge. Special attention is given to the employment of the forensic interviewing-method during an investigation as this will yield between 80% - 90% of the information required. This is an essential approach when investigating fraud and white-collar crime. Criminal investigations covering theft in the corporate environment are also covered.

During investigations we are geared to...

  • Regain losses
  • Analise the system and identify loopholes in the security system to prevent further losses
  • Identification of the culprits

Full investigations including the interviewing of witnesses, suspects and personnel on behalf of the client are provided. Interviewing facilities are available for regular personnel functions such as - recruitment, screening or placement of personnel.

Investigations can be directed to collect information to ensure the competitive edge for the business. This is of importance to the competitive intelligence practitioner. Investigations are normally combined with a security analysis of the environment in which the theft / fraud took place. A strong security advisory service is available.

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