Business intelligence: I believe that important business information of mine are being obtained by my competitors Yes No
Electronic surveillance: I believe that I / my business is the target of electronic surveillance ("bugging") Yes No
Theft: Regular occurrences of petty theft (handbags /  wallets /cellular phones) takes place at the workplace Yes No
Theft / fraud: I believe that some employees are enriching themselves unlawfully and this needs investigation Yes No
Training: My security staff are responsible for investigations but requires effective training Yes No
Alarm system: We require an effective alarm system in the workplace / the existing alarm system no longer functions properly Yes No
Security assessment: We require a professional security assessment to ensure that our assets / personnel are protected Yes No
Motivation: My staff needs training in order to provide them with the necessary motivation and knowledge to perform security related functions better Yes No
Security planning: We need to re-assess our security system as it is not producing the required results Yes No
Personal assistance: I need a professional soundboard to discuss the security needs of my business. Yes No
VIP Protection: Professional guidance is required to design a programme to protect our Director / Foreign guests Yes No
Fraud: I require assistance due to the fraud that is taking place at my workplace Yes No


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