What are the advantages of applying forensic interviewing skills?

Investigative Interviewing-techniques enables the interviewer to obtain the maximum information during the interview. In the case of criminal investigations excellent factual background for further investigations are obtained - saving time and money. Law enforcement agencies in the USA and Europe are using Statement Analysis-techniques during the investigation of suspects. Statement-analysis techniques are supported by forensic psychological research in Germany and the USA.

The results of these techniques are on a level with that of the polygraph - but unlike the polygraph there is no use of electronic apparatus, which are connected to the interviewee. Close attention is given to the utilisation of credibility assessment apparatus like the polygraph during training ensuring the effective employment when used under the applicable circumstances.

Forensic interviewing skills enables the interviewer, and especially the investigative interviewer, to understand the polygraph and voice stress techniques. This enables him to utilise these investigative support mechanisms more effectively. How does statement analysis relates to polygraph testing and voice stress tests? Where no evidence or witnesses provide conclusive proof during an investigation, it becomes necessary to make use of one of the credibility assessment techniques. This enables the exoneration of innocent suspects from a case. There are 3 role players in this regard:

  • Polygraph testing
  • Voice stress analysis
  • Statement analysis

The client can decide which one of these methods suites his particular case the best. But forensic interviewing employs advanced investigative interviewing techniques such as statement analysis.

Statement analysis of unstructured statements takes place without any equipment and can be employed on it's own, or in combination with polygraph testing or voice stress analysis. Forensic interviewing techniques are still essential after the results of the polygraph or voice stress tests become available. It is these techniques that will enable the interviewer / investigator to pose effective stress inducing and truth promoting questions.

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