"Investigative authorities estimate that approximately 95 % of crimes are cleared through interviews and interrogations."


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5 Day Course Programme

5-Day Programme

Conduct an Investigative Interview  Unit Standard 253982

Unit Standard Description
  Essential Background Information - FIT Training Essential Information - FIT Training
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UJ Students - Relevant Information

  UJ Lecture - PowerPoint Notes - Password University Johannesburg LECTURE 2019

General Downloads


Download all South African Laws & Bills: Government Website


Domestic Security Checklist & Hints


Security hints


Guidelines on interviewing rape/sexually molested cases

Violence Against Women


15 Guidelines to determine the quality of the interview

15 Points Guidelines


Latin - Legal Terms

Latin - Legal Terms


SCAN - Scientific Content Analysis

An evaluation of the SCAN technique by Nicky Smith UK Police Research Series (2001)

Security Focus - Article

FIT to Investigate - Forensic Interviewing Training (PDF)

Domestic Security Vetting of Employees

Security Vetting of Employees


Body Language Webpage

Body Language Webpage


Biographical Keyword Guidline

Personality Keywords


How to Tell when People are Lying

Richard Geiselman


16 TYPES - Keirsey & Bates (MBTI)

16 TYPES - "Please Understand Me"

  15 Common Defense Mechanisms

15 Defense Mechanisms 7 mins read)

  The Truth about the Polygraph (according to the NSA)

Truth about the Polygraph (NSA)

  This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Lie by Tricia Tongco This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Lie
  Constitution of SA - Nr 108 of 1996

Constitution of SA - Nr 108 of 1996

  Grondwet van SA: Nr 108 of 1996

Grondwet van SA: Nr 108 of 1996

  Constitution - Download

Download Link

Supportive Information for Investigative Interviewing Course


"Polygraph - a useful tool, but don't expect too much"

Article by Bruno Bruniquel - Daily News - June 2005

Biographical Keyword Guidline

Personality Traits


Police Interrogation_Reid Technique

Police Interrogation -"Howstuffwork"


How to Make Terrorists Talk_TIME Magazine 08 June 2009 by Bobby Ghosh

How to Make Terrorists Talk


Understanding the Criminal Justice System by the NPA

Illustrated Information Brochure


The Language of Lying - Noa Zanda

Lying - TED.com


The Science of Persuasion

YouTube Link


The Power of Introverts

TED Talk - Susan Cain

  Great Tricks for Reading People’s Body Language

Reading People’s Body Language

  Where do we stand with the polygraph testing of employees Times 22 July 2016 (South Africa)

Article by Danielle Ebrahim

  40 Tips for Conducting Effective Investigation Interviews

40 Tips for Effective Investigation Interviews

  Rapport Building

10 Rapport Building Points


12 Signs You're an Extroverted Introvert

Extroverted Introvert

  Active Listening by Carl Rogers and Richard E. Farson

Active Listening Skills

  6 Ways to Improve your Listening Skills


  Law of evidence in South Africa WIKIPEDIA MAY 2017

Law of evidence in South Africa

  The Doctrine of Completed Staff Work Provisional

Completed Staff Work

  The devious art of lying by telling the truth

BBC Article - 15 November 2017

According to John Reid and Joe Navarro (FBI) there are simply four (4) stages during the structured interview when the non-verbal (body language) of the interviewee is meaningful, and which provides leads which the interviewer must pursue.

Pre-Course Reading Material


Listening - Basics



PEACE - Interviewing (Video Demonstration)

YouTube Video - 64Mb


Elements of Crime - Notes

Elements of a Crime


Backgrond to the South African Legal System  - Summary

 South African Legal System


Biographical Keyword Guideline

Biographical Keyword Guideline



Wikipedia - MBTI


Transactional Analysis

TA Wikipedia Link


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow Wikipedia Link





Memory – Three Distinct Processes


FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Useful articles relating to Investigative Interviewing and Statement Analysis


FBI Bulletin - Statement Analysis: Exploiting Verbal Markers of Deception Across Ethnic Lines

FBI Bulletin 1


Contamination of Statements - October 2003

FBI Bulletin Article 2


What do Suspects' Words Reveal? Susan H. Adams, M.A. (FBI -1996)

FBI Bulletin Article 3

Statement Analysis - Verbal Markers of Deception Across Ethnic Lines. Most useful articles relating to Statement Analysis - Full Bulletin download - Jan 2008.

FBI Bulletin Article 4

Hyperlinked Articles from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Reading People: Behavioral Anomalies and Investigative Interviewing by David Matsumoto, Ph.D., Lisa G. Skinner, J.D., and Hyisung C. Hwang, Ph.D. May 2014

Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception by David Matsumoto, Ph.D.; Hyi Sung Hwang, Ph.D.; Lisa Skinner, J.D.; and Mark Frank, Ph.D. June 2011

Interviewing Compliant Adolescent (Minors) Victims by Catherine S. Connell, M.S.W., and Martha J. Finnegan, M.S.W. June 2010

Mastering Rapport and Having Productive Conversations by Robin K. Dreeke October 2012

FBI Counterintelligence Division’s Behavioral Analysis Program: A Unique Investigative Resource by Robin K. Dreeke July 2013

Perspective - Detecting Deception by Joe Navarro, M.A. August 2012

Vetting Confidential Human Source Intelligence through Investigative Statement Analysis by Stanley Burke, M.A. December 2012

The Language of Psychopaths_ New Findings and Implications for Law Enforcement. by Michael Woodworth, Ph.D.; Jeffrey Hancock, Ph.D.; Stephen Porter, Ph.D.; Robert Hare, Ph.D.; Matt Logan, Ph.D.; Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D.; and Sharon Smith, Ph.D.  July 2012

The Truth About Lying: What Investigators Need to Know by Brian D. Fitch, Ph.D  June 2014

Mastering Rapport and Having Productive Conversations by Robin K. Dreeke October 2012

Nonconfrontational Interrogation: Obtaining Confessions from Streetwise Gang Members  by John J. Guzman, M.S. April 2015

Relevant SA Laws

Financial Intelligence Centre Act ( No 38 of 2001)

Investigation of serious economic offences amendment act Office of the president No. 1466. 20 September 1995 No. 46 of 1995: investigation of serious economic offences amendment act, 1995 

Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977

Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act - 2003

Companies Act 63 of 1973

Act 25_2002 Electronic Communications and Transactions Act

RICA Judgment - September 2019
Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act 70 of 2002 (RICA)

South Africa: Conversations Recorded Without Your Consent Can Be Used Against You Article by Samantha Bonato - 13 February 2019

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Useful Links


The Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners



Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) South Africa



Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)

CFE International


FBI Bulletin - Investigations/Interviewing

FBI Bulletin


Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Fuld & Company inc.


Spire Project  (CI)

Spire Project


How the polygraph works

How Stuff Works (HSW)


World Economic & Political Facts

CIA World Fact Book


Google Advanced Searches

Google Advanced


Yahoo Advanced Searches

YAHOO Advanced


Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Relevant Searches


African Advice - Free Local Business Directory

African Advice


Easy Information South African Business Directory

Easy Information


Mail & Guardian 




South African Newspapers


  South African White Pages

White Pages

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin



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